• CT100 is the world’s first truly-mobile comprehensive sampler featuring nanoparticle counting, trace metal collection, and trace chemical collection.


  • CT 100 delivers the necessary features of Semiconductor FAB monitoring including the real-time nanoparticle counting and the trace metal and gas element analysis through post processing like ICP-MS and GC-MS.

  • CT100 delivers the necessary functions of environmental pathogen sampling and bio surveillance in fields.

  • CT100 collects every nano-particulates possibly including viral pathogen by water condensation and stores in water based buffer for viability. Through post bio-analysis, the collected elements can be analyzed to identify the existence of targeting pathogen.

  • Simple and Easy Operation: no need for professional training

  • Full Automatic Operation: all processes are automatic including measurement, data saving, status report, self-diagnostics, automatic-shut down, etc.

  • Mobile: sustainable for normal human activities like running, jumping, driving, working.   

  • Wireless and Wired: Bluetooth and mini USB implemented 

  • Taking Data-Synced Videos and Pictures: by EView loaded Android devices.

  • Taking Data-Synced Text Notes: by EView loaded Android devices.

  • Cloud Data Storing and Sharing: using Eview in android devices report real-time data


  • Pin-Point Accuracy: Single-particle counting

  • Incomparable Limit of Detection (LOD): 4.5 nm measurement sensitivity

  • Real-Time: response time is less than 0.5 second

  • Low Counting Error



  • Comprehensive Sampling: simultaneous collection of gas-borne nanoparticle, trace metal, metal ion, and organic trace chemical

  • Superior Collection Power: collecting the particle and trace metal element less than 1 nm. Best performance to sample trace chemical elements.

  • Short Sample Preparation Time for ICP-MS and GC-MS analysis



  • Superior Collection Power: total collection efficiency is more than 95% of viral pathogen. Best performance to viral pathogen in the size of nanometer.

  • Superior Pathogen Viability: collected pathogen is stored in collector with water-based buffer during sampling.

  • Comprehensive Sampling: simultaneous collection & counting of airborne pathogen, environmental particles.

  • Short Sample Preparation Time for Bio analysis due to collection using water.



  • Pin-point Accuracy: Single-particle counting

  • Incomparable Limit of Detection (LOD): 4.5 nm measurement sensitivity

  • Real-Time: response time is less than 0.5 second


Enmont introduces the world’s first truly-mobile condensation particle counters that overcome the technical barriers of traditional CPCs that limit traditional CPCs’ usage at stationary.

Enmont water CPCs are truly-mobile and SMART while maintaining equivalent performance to stationary CPCs. Enmont expands the CPC application from laboratory to fields.


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